About Us



Royal Technocrats Inc., was founded in 2007 as an alternative to current market options, seeing inefficiencies we took the initiative to capture market share and develop our business expertise. We are a global innovation and technology services company that helps clients to imagine, commercialize, and evolve products and services for the connected world.


We are not only committed to creating solutions, but in creating the next wave, with targeted and focused solutions, guaranteed to propel our customers into the next generation. We follow time-tested institutionalized processes with belief that quality is a cost-saver.

We remain true to the same principles on which our company was founded over a hundred years ago: providing superior service to our clients.



  • Demonstrable operational Cost Savings
  •  Tailored solutions that meet your exact requirement
  •  Easy to use services that deliver best in class quality
  •  Delivering high fidelity services and solutions
  •  Time-tested institutionalized processes with a firm belief that quality is a cost-saver


  • To partner with world-class enterprises, bringing them agility through global network implementation and support solutions, with motivated experts across the world.
  •  By changing the rules to deliver high-impact outcomes for a new technology-enabled world.
  •  An enriching workplace for employees to excel through innovation and teamwork.